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ARAC© – A simple and cost saving solution for complete retire and archiving of IT Systems.

ARAC© defined

ARAC© = Audit Relevant system Archiving based on virtual Computing.

What is ARAC© good for?

The ARAC© Solution is a product for an easy and complete IT system shut down / archiving, for example an SAP R/3 system.

Goals of ARAC© :


*     A simple archiving solution: The ARAC© solution is designed to simplify and speed up system archiving processes to their maximum.


*     An archive always available: ARAC© is designed to have your complete archived system online in no more than a few minutes. Therefore the process of making the system available is uncomplicated.


*     Meets legal requirements: ARAC© is made to fully meet the archiving requirements of German and international law (GDPdU, …).


*     Reduces Total Cost of Ownership: ARAC© helps to drastically reduce the costs of archiving and shutting down complete IT systems. Calculated over a 10 year archiving period for an IT system to shut down, practical implementation comparison show cost saving results of up to 75%.

*     Applicability to all business sizes: The ARAC© solution is applicable to small and medium as well as large business requirements.


The ARAC© concept:

 The conceptual basis of the ARAC© solution comprises 4 main process steps:


*     Process step A - The cloning process: The transfer of the IT system into archive within a virtual environment.


*     Process step B - The archiving process: The archiving of the complete system on non changeable media. Further it comprises the technical certification to prove authenticity.


*     Process step C - The rebuild process: The system rebuilds from archived media and its recertification.


*     Process step D - The reorganization process: The technical optimisation of original productive system.

Each process step contains a number of technical solutions designed by jaDes. Its implementation will be continuously monitored and certified by KPMG.


Examples for ARAC© usage


*     Example 1 - IT system shut down: One of the favourable reasons to implement ARAC© is the cost saving shut down of an old SAP R/3 system. As the old systems are subject to legal accounting requirements, the technical realisation and legal compliance of the archived data should be audited and thereby confirmed.


*     Example 2 - Periodical archiving: Another reason for implementing ARAC© is the periodically archiving of running IT systems, for example a productive SAP system. Those systems are subject to legal accounting requirements.


*     Example 3 - IT system distribution: A further rational for implementing ARAC© is the fast refreshment (rebuild) of an existing IT system on different (separated) locations, for example the rebuild of an existing central SAP system in another country in order to fulfil local accounting requirements.


ARAC© References:

The ARAC© solution implementation at S-Y Systems Technologies Europe GmbH (SYST, a joint-venture of Siemens and Yazaki) – an ARAC© success story:


jaDes Consulting together with KPMG implemented the ARAC© solution for a French and a German productive SAP system. Mr. Röthler (Controller SYST): “Implementing the ARAC© solution solved one of our major IT challenges: What to do with the old SAP systems? What to consider regarding the France and German laws? The ARAC© solution made it possible to archive the two complete SAP systems in only 6 weeks. It allowed us to concentrate on the new SAP solution instead of spending time and money to ‘old’ IT matters with no value add.”


May we inform you further?

Solution contact:


*     jaDes Consulting Group Munich, Germany:


Contact Person:         Steffen Jahn



*     KPMG (IRM) Munich, Germany:


Contact Person:         Karlheinz Antesberger


ARAC© Solution FLYER: You can download the ARAC© solution flyer here:

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    ARAC© solution flyer in German